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  • Why us

    Experienced R&D team, well experienced to develop most complex API’s, its intermediates involving wide range of chemical reactions.
    Formulations like OSD, Injections, Liquid & ointments and also for various therapeutic segments including oncology & peptides.
    Development of general theraupetic category & oncology, steroids, hormones, peptide API’s & related formulations.

    • Development of novel, non-infringing, cost-effective, quality API’s
    • Development of formulations with QbD approach
    • Trading of API’s & intermediates
    • Manufacturing of API intermediates
    • Detailed analytical method development and validations
    • Stability monitoring across all ICH zones for API's and drug products
    • DMF & Dossier review & compilation for various markets
    • Strong intellectual property management and regulatory back up
    • Time bound assignments & response to customer requirements
    • Partner of choice for tactical and strategic long term interests by providing a competitive outsourcing model

    Customer Service

    The staff at Corvid understands the importance of quality, costs, timeliness and responsiveness. In today’s competitive environment, time to market is critical.
    At Corvid, we realize that delivering on customers expectations requires not only quality & speed, but flexibility. Providing innovative solutions to each unique customer program is paramount.