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    1. Chemistry Skill Set

    Corvid Pharma offer a comprehensive range of chemistries and reaction capabilities across all scales within the small & large molecule domain. Some of the key chemistry and reaction capabilities are provided below :
    • Alkylation, Acylations
    • Azide formation and Carbonylations
    • Catalytic reductions
    • Column Chromatography for purifications
    • Grignard Reaction
    • High pressure reactions (~25kg)
    • Hydrogenations
    • Low temperature reactions(-50deg C)
    • Moisture sensitive reactions
    • N-aminations, Nitrations
    • Organometallic catalytic reactions (Air and moisture sensitive)
    • Peptide synthesis - Solid and solution phase
    • Suzuki coupling
    • Stereo selective and Chiral resolutions

    2. Formulation Dosage forms

    Oral Dosage
    • Capsules
    • Tablets (coated & uncoated)
    • Tablets ( extended release )
    • Effervescent tablets and powders
    • Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)
    • Granules and Powders

    Creams & Ointments
    Parenteral ( LVP,SVP)
    • Solutions (vials and pre-filled syringes)
    • Lyophilized (vials)
    • Suspensions
    • Emulsions

    • Solutions
    • Suspensions
    • Syrups

    Niche :
    • Depot injections
    • Peptide parenterals

    3. Quality Control :

    A. Analytical Development

    Corvid offers a comprehensive package of analytical services to support your product development and marketed product activities.
    • Stability Testing
    • Finished Product Testing
    • Pharmaceutical Testing (USP, EP, JP, BP)
    • Process contaminants,excipients,impurities,degradents
    • Raw Material Testing

    B. Analytical Services

    • Stability indicating method development, validation and tech- transfer at the manufacturing site.
    • Drug substance / reference standard characterization and qualification.
    • Isolation and complete characterization of impurities.
    • Comprehensive stability studies for target API's.
    • Pharmacopeia methods verification for target API's.
    • Forced degradation studies.

    C. Stability Studies

    Corvid provides complete stability testing and storage services for your product, in all ICH conditions, as well as custom conditions.
    • ANDA stability testing
    • Formulation prototype stability
    • Method transfer and qualification
    • Stability protocol generation
    • Stability data compilation
    • Sample storage
    • Statistical evaluation of stability data

    D. Stability storage

    At Corvid, Stability studies are routinely performed at various time points under conditions of different temperature and humidity
    ( Real time, Accelerated and Stress studies as per ICH guidelines). Storage conditions meet the ICH standards including :

    • 25°C/60%RH
    • 30°C/65%RH
    • 40°C/75%RH
    • 2°C – 8°C
    • Light (controlled humidity)

    4. Regulatory Support

    Corvid, has expertise in quality, compliance and regulatory affairs in both eastern and western markets. Our Quality group offers regulatory support and assistance for :
    • EMA guidance
    • USFDA guidelines
    • ICH Guidance
    • DMF & Drug dossier preparation